With Infoaxe, View a Page on IE at work, search & find it on Firefox at home!


One of the benefits of maintaining your Web Memory/History with Infoaxe is to keep your Web Memory in sync across multiple computers and browsers. For example, with Infoaxe you can view a page in your Internet Explorer browser at work and search and find it again from Firefox at home! 🙂

With Quick Links (which are like bookmarks), you can bookmark something in Internet Explorer and have it show up on Firefox! (and vice versa of course)

How cool is that? 😉 It’s one unified web memory that you can maintain across ALL the computers and browsers you use.  To reap these benefits make sure you have Infoaxe installed on ALL the computers and browsers you use.

You can find our Firefox addon here and our Internet Explorer Addon here.


  1. that is pretty cool! cant wait to test it 🙂

  2. Cool feature..This will make bookkeeping much easier!

  3. this is so cool. now my bookmarks are so easy..

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