The Infoaxe Vs Google Challenge! (Be Lazy while searching!:))

“Be Lazy” may not sound like particularly good advice but that is the advice we give to Infoaxe users! 🙂

The obvious benefit of having a search engine for your Web Memory is that you will never forget a web page again. You have a search engine for our very own slice of the Web.

However, there is a slightly less obvious but LARGER benefit to using Infoaxe namely Personalization for Search. With Infoaxe searching your personal Web, you can now be lazy when you query Google/Yahoo/Live. (In the remainder of this post, when I say Google please do a macro substitution with Google/Yahoo/Live Search :)).

Let me explain with an example, say I wanted to go to Martin Lefebvre’s page  on linkedin (Martin is an investor at Infoaxe). In Google only the query “martin lefebvre linkedin” gives me the right result at number 1.

With Infoaxe (see image below) on the other hand, I can just type in “martin” and get what I want right at the top! Here its a savings of 2 words (or ~67% improvement).



Here is another example (again from personal usage). There is this really cool Thai restaurant called Siam Royal in Palo Alto. Just like everybody else, if I want to meet someone for lunch at Siam Royal I send them a pointer to its yelp page. To get to this page in Google, I need to type “siam royal yelp”. With Infoaxe all I need to type is “siam” !!

Search for Siam Royal

Search for Siam Royal

Here, there is again a savings of ~67%. These savings add up very fast…

This is our challenge for Infoaxe users. Be Lazy! The next time you search on Google to get to a page you know you’ve visited before, query with RIDICULOUSLY fewer words. We’ll find it! Let us do the work for you.

If we don’t find it now, let us know. We are constantly tuning our ranking algorithms and your feedback is very important to us.

Infoaxe has ranking algorithms tuned for Web Memory search, these are different from a tradional Web Search Engine which cannot be as aggressive with personalization for obvious reasons. General Web Search is a one size fits all for the most part (with some exceptions), and that works best in many cases. Infoaxe is your Personal Web’s Search Engine. So, be lazy & try querying with fewer words…we dare you! 😉


  1. Have you heard about Google’s web history search? How are you different from them?

  2. Hi Ram,
    Thanks for your comment.
    The differences are,
    1. ability to pivot
    2. tagging (also allow you to import tags from
    3. Easier ways to share content from your web memory with friends on facebook and over email.
    4. Better privacy management to conveniently control what gets added to your web memory. We offer an easy record button in the toolbar.
    5. More convenient UI allowing you to search your web memory directly from Google, Yahoo & Live.
    6. Much more lightweight than installing the Google toolbar

    Do give Infoaxe a try and let us know what you think! You can reach us at
    Also, stay tuned for some exciting new features to be released over the next couple of months!

    Jonathan (Founder,Infoaxe)

  3. Hi Ram,
    The purpose of a web history search product is to make revisiting certain pages much more convenient. In practice, we have found a bunch of issues with GWH which make it rather cumbersome to use in practice.

    1. I assume you are referring to the case when you have the Google toolbar installed on the different browsers/computers you are interested in with personalized pagerank turned On. Without this, GWH only serves pages that were reached by you as a result of directly clicking on a google search result, when signed into gmail (which is a small subset of the pages that you visit and are interested in tracking).
    2. It is very inconvenient to temporarily turn off google from tracking your activity and turn it on again. You would typically do the following for this. (a) Go to (b) sign into GWH (you need to sign in again even if you are already signed into gmail)(c) Click on the Pause/Resume link which is buried somewhere in the left amidst several links.In Infoaxe, all you do is toggle a button on the toolbar and you are done. You don’t need to leave the page you are currently on.
    3. If you restart your browser you would normally be signed out of gmail, which would then lead to none of your browsing activity being tracked till you sign back in. This would likely lead to a lot of pages not being tracked in your regular browsing activity. At Infoaxe, you are persistently signed in even if you restart the computer, as long as you don’t explicitly log out.
    4. Searching your web memory: At GWH, you need to visit and need to sign in again to GWH before searching. At Infoaxe, you get results even alongside your google results, so typing the query in the google toolbar will give you additional results from your history. Alternatively you can type the query in the infoaxe toolbar to search directly from the infoaxe site where you can see more results.

    Other differentiators at Infoaxe include pivot, tagging & simpler sharing. In a nutshell, the difference largely lies in the Infoaxe’s user experience, involving virtually zero extra effort alongside normal browsing and search activity.

    Vijay (Founder,Infoaxe)

  4. Hi,
    I really like the concept of Infoaxe search, since I find very often that I forget keywords or the search engine magically changes rankings!

    Is analytics in the pipeline for infoaxe? For example, frequently searched, visited, themes etc. For example, what does my search say about me type of stuff. Also does infoaxe toolbar track my address bar history as well? That would be interesting, since it could provide a holistic representation of all my searches or sites visited in the past.

  5. Is analytics in the pipeline for infoaxe? For example, frequently searched, visited, themes etc. For example, what does my search say about me type of stuff. Also does infoaxe toolbar track my address bar history as well? That would be interesting, since it could provide a holistic representation of all my searches or sites visited in the past.

    Privacy? just what I thought, I noticed the post above from feb 9 has not been answered, while the others above answered within 2 days. I guessing users analytics and personal history, holistic representation is being tracked. theres alway more than meets the eye with anything on the web, including freebies that are so cool you dont think twice.

  6. i see my comment is awaitng moderation, will probably be delted anyhow.

  7. Hi Pam,
    This is Jonathan, one of the Infoaxe founders. Thanks for checking out the service.

    You can find our privacy policy here (and is linked off our home page)
    Do let us know if you have any questions. You can also email

    >including freebies that are so cool you dont think twice.
    Thanks for the comment and for the veiled compliment 🙂
    More seriously, the information that infoaxe ‘tracks’ is what is absolutely necessary to offer our users full text web history search that they can access universally across computers & browsers. By the very definition of our service Infoaxe needs to have access to that information and also for some future features which might rely on it.


  8. Kishore Shetty · ·

    I would like to know whether i can download it in my mobile, and also if i give ad for realestate it should be visible and retrievable easily.

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